Logo Design

Below are a selection of my favourite logo’s I’ve designed over the years, along with my thought process behind the designs.


Creations is a pottery, arts and crafts shop where people can create pottery as well as buy ready made products. They requested a modern stylish logo which would be memorable to their customers.

They desired a text based logo as well as an icon, which could hang from their shop. I chose a pot, pen and brush as it represent elements of their business and broadcasts them to passers-by. The focal colour is grey to symbolise the raw nature of personally created pottery and the splash of colour represent to tools to colourise and enhance pottery, which Creations also sell. Purple for its  luxurious connotations which represent high quality and style. It was combined with green as green is fresh, clean, and rich.

Broad Oak Property

Broad Oak Property is a property renovation and letting business. They are a start-up business seeking to establish themselves with brand recognition for estate agents and other interested parties.

They wanted their logo to convey their business which I chose to represent as a house combined with a key. The key was modelled on a Yale key, which are known for their security. The smoke coming out of the chimney is shaped as an oak leaf to reflect their name.

I chose to use an old style typeface for the design which symbolises age and establishment. I selected Garamond for it stylistic elements such as the tale of the “R” and the wave on the top of the bowl of the “D”. I elected to use uppercase letter as it implants a certain authority you expect from the industry.

Pennyhooks Project

The web design studio Pine Green hired me to design a logo for their client, Pennyhooks Project, an organic beef farm. The farm was set up to help young people with autism and I chose a playful logo to represent this. I used a cow to reflect the beef aspect of the farm but I wanted it to look casual but not childish. The font used for 'Pennyhooks' was chosen as it transforms the logo into a cow peering over a fence. The 'Project' font represents grass in the field. The cow also works very well as an individual logo which can be used in many situations such as embroidery and receipts.

Lend Stuff

Lend Stuff is a business which is similar to the buying / selling website's gumtree and vivastreet. The key difference being; instead of selling things, you loan them. I represented this in the logo by the n and u trading places. The extension of the letters turns the exchange into a cycle where following the path results in each letter being back where it started. The colours were requested by the client to fit in with their website colour scheme.

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