I’m Josh, an elearning designer and developer.

I specialise in creating engaging courses for adult learners using a variety of learning theory and design theory approved methods.


Elearning Design

Elearning design is a passion of mine. I love taking complicated content and turning it into an engaging, interactive experience for learners.

I like to an active learning approach to course design, putting control back into the hands of the learner. This enable participants to learn through discovery and it increases engagement over passive, spoon-fed content. I also have a keen interest in gamification, adding game elements to enhance a course.


Elearning Development

I excess at elearning development, pushing the boundaries of what elearning software is capable of.

I’m highly experience with elearn authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Rise and Adapt.

I’m able to create complex interaction and branching scenarios. I am also experienced at incorporating a variety of multimedia assets.


Graphic Design

Graphics design plays two key roles in elearning: designing learning assets and creating a seamless user experience.

Learners should be able to easily navigate the course without breaking their focus. I come from a graphic design background and I’m able to create great user interfaces as well as dressing up a course to give it the professional appearance to reflect the quality of the content.


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